Inspiring others to donate. How can you contribute?


It is very difficult to ask someone to donate organs in an Indian landscape. Even more difficult if it is for a living transplant. The very thought of putting your family at risk (for your own benefit) could push anyone outside their comfort zone.

It starts with spreading awareness about the disease and transplant options. Share your story, spread the word and increase awareness about donation and your need for a kidney.

It in necessary to make people aware that the need for organs in nationwide. There are more than 2,00,000 people who require kidneys along with you who are waiting for a cadaveric(after death) transplant. People need to aware of all that is involved in transplantation process. You can create an opportunity to help more people by educating the public while potentially finding a willing donor. It is not something to be ashamed of or a closed door secret to he squirrelled away.

You can help build a call to action from people about the different possibilities that they can do to help those in need. Wheater it be describing to your family how kidneys from living donors offer better results and a life-saving alternative to the long, uncertain wait to making people understand that organ donation is not restricted by any religion or gender or race. More people may be willing to consider organ donation if they become aware of the need, benefits, process and risks involved.

Your main job is to make as many people aware without forcing them that they 'have to' donate or that organ donation would somehow solve their financial difficulties. The Bollywood cinemas have put a negative twist on many aspects of organ transplant and sensationalised it. Your objective should be pure and simple: To create interest and awareness in this selfless and noble path. If you ask for anything, it is just for people to consider becoming a donor by increasing awareness. The more people who become aware about organ donation, the greater the potential for saving lives.  

Though it may be very difficult, you have to be emotionally separate from all types of responses you'll receive. It is a someone's individual choice whether they can commit to such a life changing decision. Someone is not wrong or should be reviled just because of their decision to not donate. Some individuals may decide that they will help you, but will not be able to follow through on their words. They may also be a general lack of interest from some people who assume that they cannot help you, when in reality they could. This is very difficult to witness; however, organ donation is a choice that people have to make for themselves. The best is to provide as much information about your experience with the disease and transplant. Only knowledge can bring light to this plight that organ recipients are facing.

In the case of living organ donation it is important to remember that individual responses do not reflect how much someone cares about you. Living kidney donation is not for everyone. It takes a very strong and special person to step up to mentally be willing to donate. They also have to be extremely healthy to pass the qualification process. Don’t take their responses personally. The donor most suited for you is out there. They just need to be made aware of this extraordinaryopportunity to help their fellow human beings.

5 Ways To Inspire Organ Donation

#1: Be yourself, yet informative. Share your life experiences and need in a very confident, relaxed and informative way. Give your listener’s time to understand your message and think of a way to help.

#2: Make it bigger than yourself. Make people aware of the numbers of the nation’s organ shortage into your message. Include that wait for organs is long, unpredictable and life-threatening to you. Make proper use of social media, blogs, websites to expand your circle of influence. Start with your family and friends. 

#3: Be patient and keep it upbeat. Though your circumstances may be difficult and grim, share the hopeful side of receiving a transplant. Be optimistic and share of what your life will be after transplant. Share your plans about what you will do post transplant.

#4: Highlight benefits of having a transplant from a living donor. Explain how living donors allow those in need to plan and schedule their transplant when they need it most. Emphasize how receiving from a living donor offer extra years of function and better outcomes.

#5: Encourage Action. Refer curious parties to reliable websites (AKF) and your transplant center for unbiased information and next steps. Encourage potential donors to educate their loved ones about the chance of donation after their deaths.   

It may take a horde of offers to find your ideal donor. Take the pledge to give it all you’ve got and then some more. Share your message and plight with someone new at least once a week. Be a voice for the voiceless. Join groups and communities which will give you opprtunities to increase your influence. Believe your best life is not only possible—it’s coming your way now.

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